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Ocean Live Wallpaper

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Description: Ocean 3D live wallpaper is a very vivid undersea wallpaper which will bring you to a enchanting and fascinating underwater seaworld marine life. Beautiful undersea tropical fishes, turtles, manta ray, seahorses, turquoise water, corals, seaweed, ruins, pottery vases, treasure box may be from Titanic sunken in the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean! Moreover, there is probably an ancient seaworld castle waiting for user to explore. Blue Ocean 3D brings you the best underwater experience free of cost. Try to catch the tropical fish, seahorses or manta rays as they hide in the corals or seaweed of deep sea.
3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0 which makes you feel like you are in the real deep ocean or Pacific Ocean seaworld. Blue Ocean 3D sets you down on the seabed with beautiful corals, you definitely will admire how fascinating the deep sea turquoise seabed is. You can lie down enjoying the natural beam of light falling on the seabed as the waves sway while surrounded by countless vivid undersea treasures like colorful marine animals swimming around in the deep sea including tropical fishes, turtles, sharks, seahorses, manta rays and seaweed, treasure box and many vases fallen on the seabed down from pirates of the Caribbean. You can also scroll left and right to appreciate turquoise ocean underwater scene from different angles which gives the real 3D effects. Moreover, you can interact with treasure boxes, manta rays, turtles, seahorses and tropical fishes, open the treasure chest from Titanic to discover gold, knock over the pottery vases and tap on the tropical fishes to see them swim away deep into the turquoise water of marine world. All this can provide you the best vivid user experience of a deep sea underwater world to see real marine life. You might find Titanic in the seaworld of Indian Ocean or Pacific Ocean.
Size: 8.12 MB
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Downloads: 18
Added: Jan 15, 2017 at 15:07








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