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Hafeez - Taka Rawa ft. Davido + Lyrics

Description: Studio Magic presents her set-to-blow signee, Hafeez aka Highness Hafeez in this hot and spanking new single featuring one of Africa’s biggest artists Davido. “Taka Rawa“ (which means dance step in Hausa) is a highly energetic dance track with top class production from Studio Magic’s Platinum Toxx.

This comes as a follow up to Hafeez’s introductory single “Waye Babanka” which was well received for its uniqueness and rather striking video. Hafeez is determined to take music originating from northern Nigeria to the forefront of mainstream African music industry.
Size: 6.49 MB
Duration: 00:03:41
Artist: Hafeez
Album: (
Views: 1599
Downloads: 249
Added On: Nov 14, 2015 at 18:57

Na daya
Na biyu
Na uku… Takarawa


And i want to see you dance baby no fall my hand
It is a serious case everytime the boys they come around
Come around come around
Do your dance shoko style
Do it left do right
Do it fast do it goodio baby
This one na my daceoo
Oya follow me to danceoo (takarawa) X 2

Hafeez verse 1

Rawa mata ku karkada baya
Ku gigiga jiki da baya
Ku zo mu je gidan rawa gidan rawa
Ga fili ga doki toh mu je mu wa’tsa shoki
Ko mu yi na daddy showkey
Ni da ke mu yi shi lowkey yi shi lokey
Dj play the beat
Put it on repeat
When they hear the beat
Them go stand for their feet

Davido verse 2

Oya shake am no fear
Oya break am leave am
Person go pick am
From the top
Oya shake no fear
Oya break am leave i say person go pick am
I no come to fighty o
Power by mighty o
Ill ride you bicycle
I go lick you like an icey cone x 2
Wan nan sautin
Za ku ji dadin shi ah Kaduna, abuja, Lagos , Nigeria

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