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Ptunde - 'Superman'

Description: After fostering an alliance with @youngartistenationent and getting signed to the record label, P.tunde finally put out his debut project, ‘Superman’. The Single EP Tittled 'Superman' showcases the 19-year-old’s diverse array of sonic influences, ranging from trap, Afropop and Bollywood soundtracks. His liking for Indian inspired melodies was first established on “Turn Up”, where he reported contributed the vocals for the bridge of the DJ Tunez, Wizkid, and Reekado Banks single.

“Superman”, the opening track on ‘P.tunde’, however, builds on the melodies from Hindi film scores to deliver a romantic love ballad. The next track, “Kusa Dake(OUTSoon)”, takes a detour into trap territories, embracing the hip-hop subgenre’s ability to find the uneasy middle ground between dire circumstance and party boy antics. Rapping “Baby Come To My Side Side For My Heart Na U De Inside Side' Na U I Go Marry e Don Tay I Decide Cide' The Love Song is one of the highlights of the EP.

On the next track, “Antidote(OUTSoon)”, his search for love leads him to an Afropop dance party bop with piano-led beats Megamix produces. In true Afropop fashion, P.tunde’s intention here is to provide a catchy groove for the dancefloor while his lyrics swing aimlessly between smug brags and his love interest’s attractive body. The EP closes with “Craze For U (OUTSoon)”, pushing his pop sound to mature sensual extremes with the romantic number, addressed at a love interest but destined for the dancefloor.

Despite the loose romantic plot, ‘Ptunde’ introduces 'Superman' as a promising prospect for Afropop’s future with the display of the 19-year-old’s ability to distill entire subgenres of pop into an earwormy soup. His songcraft, knack for catchy melodies, hooks and an understanding of how Auto-Tune best suits Afropop is a rare combination that is pushing the envelope for what we know now as pop music from Nigeria.

Snapchat/ @etzurboiptunde
Facebook/ @etzurboiptunde
Instagram/ @etzurboiptunde
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Size: 4.58 MB
Duration: 00:03:19
Artist: Ptunde
Album: Unknown
Views: 257
Downloads: 13
Added: Sep 08, 2019 at 03:56

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