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Snazzy K - 'Auren Grinplay' Ft. Fynest


Snazzy K - 'Love' Ft. Pretty R Jay Snazzy K - 'Love' Ft. Pretty R JayYkhalifa - 'Best of Auren Gwanja' Ykhalifa - 'Best of Auren Gwanja'Chealjey - 'Ginger' Ft. Fynest Chealjey - 'Ginger' Ft. FynestKbydoze Zamani - 'Auren Nasiru Da Maimuna' Kbydoze Zamani - 'Auren Nasiru Da Maimuna'KYB - 'Auren Soyayya' KYB - 'Auren Soyayya'Snazzy K - '2min' (Freestyle) Snazzy K - '2min' (Freestyle)Snazzy K - 'Badder Man' (Freestyle) Snazzy K - 'Badder Man' (Freestyle)Snazzy K - 'Skibi Down' Snazzy K - 'Skibi Down'Snazzy K - 'No Change' Snazzy K - 'No Change'Snazzy K - 'Kunfu' Snazzy K - 'Kunfu'Snazzy K - 'Gobe' Snazzy K - 'Gobe'Snazzy K - 'Baba' Snazzy K - 'Baba'

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