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Dr. Damages Show – 218: Buhari Produces the Most Embarrassing Budget in Nigeria’s History

Description: Nigeria's 2016 budget is full of pork and maggots. Yet, ministers appear in front of the National Assembly to defend or/and disassociate themselves from their ministries' budgets. Dr. Damages digs into the journey of the budget and recommends those who should receive 12 lashes.

The first Lagos international marathon took place last week. Dr. Damages dissects the marathon. He explains why Nigerians prefer to run for political office instead of running the marathon. He suggests ways to make next year's marathon better. Yeah, it involves Cossy Orjiakor.

Buhari goes to London to rest and hands over the country to his vice president. The things that happened next were stuff from Nollywood movies. In London, Buhari said that some Nigerians were criminals. It threw up a firework that would take a while to quench. But in the midst of the controversy, Nigerians missed the most important thing Buhari said. Dr. Damages brings you up to speed.

What has happened to the Catholic Church since Rev. Father Mbaka was silenced? Dr. Damages' crackreporters go to Enugu to bring you exclusive video.
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