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Dr. Damages Show Episode 217: Shut Up, Utomi Tells Buhari

Description: As Ugandans prepare for their presidential election, Dr. Damages sends his crackreporters to talk to ordinary Ugandans. The doctor was surprised that it was not only Nigerians that are delusional about the possibility of change.

A bloody Nigerian civilian compliments a female cadet in the Nigerian army and had his butt whooped. Dr. Damages imagines what will happen when the cadet becomes an officer and a bloody civilian calls her a zombie.

Prof. Pat Utomi told Buhari to shut up and keep quiet. And then he ran to Dr. Damages for help. You won't believe what the good doctor prescribed to calm Patrick Utomi down.

In the revived Ekitigate scandal, Dr. Tope Aluko dragged the hero of our democracy, former President Goodluck Jonathan deep inside the conspiracy. Dr. Damages tackles the only question left unanswered: where do you put felon? Is it before, after and in between "Ineffectual Buffoon”? You think you know the greatest damage done to Nigeria by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, PhD? Think again! Dr. Damages explains.

Rev. Father Mbaka is suffering following his transfer from the flamboyant Adoration Ground to a different church. Dr. Damages offers him a free million-dollar advice that will see him acquire his own Cathedral, University and two or three private jets.
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Added: Feb 09, 2016 at 10:22

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