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Dr. Damages Show Ep 221: Buhari The Last King of Scotland

Description: Dr. Damages breaks down how America degenerated to the point where the nation is at the verge of electing Donald Trump president of the United States of America. He, however, gives reasons why the world needs not to worry.

How many houses do you need to be a big man in today's Nigeria? Dr. Damages breaks down how to be a big man in 2016 Nigeria, using Doyin Okupe as a prayer point of contact.

There is a desperate effort to find a way to keep Buhari at home to deal with Nigeria's numerous problems. Dr. Damages reveals one of the latest plans involving the presidential guards. It came straight out of Scotland.

In the story of Ese Oruru's abduction, Dr. Damages names the villains and the victims. He bestowed the first Hammerscope on the man who had the power to rescue the girl but said he needed help from the Emir of Kano.

What happens when the man who was once in charge of prisons in Nigeria goes to prison? Dr. Damages presents the sweet dilemma of Citizen Abba Moro.
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Added: Mar 09, 2016 at 13:44

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