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Dr. Damages Show – Episode 228: When Herdsmen Attack And A Governor Weeps

Description: African loses her most colorful first lady. No, it is not Mama Chantel. And it is not Mama Peace. It is Mama Lucy Kibaki of Kenya. Dr. Damages presents a kind and gentle immemorial.

When herdsmen attacked the Nimbo community in Enugu state, the state governor, Mr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi swung into action. Or did he? Dr. Damages takes you behind the scenes tracing the governor's timeline and why the herdsmen - farmers clash is threatening to swallow what is left of Buhari's agenda.

Nigerians rose against the National Assembly demanding many things, amongst which is the desire to have the Senate President resign from office. Like all things Nigeria, the drama is of Nollywood magnitude. Dr. Damages takes you to the heart of the demonstration.

Senator Saraki finally reveals his original sin- his insistence that the APC must not field an all- Muslim ticket in 2015 presidential election. And for the first time everything about Saraki, from birth to life inside “Accused Box” made sense. Dr. Damages explains

The good doctor also answers your emails and presents the news headlines of the week.
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Added: May 05, 2016 at 11:05

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