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Dr. Damages Show – Episode 233: The Avengers & Crimes Against Humanity In Nigeria

Description: Buhari’s government finally released the money recovered from those who looted Nigeria's treasury. But what about the names of the looters? Dr. Damages reveals when the names would be made public.

Former President of Chad was sentences to life in prison last week for crimes against humanity. Dr. Damages counts the number of crimes against humanity committed in Nigeria and wondered why nobody has been tried and jailed for them.

As seen in Ogoniland last week, as the conflict between the Niger Delta Avengers and the Federal Government of Nigeria heats up, Dr. Damages tells you who the real winners will be.

What happens if you put a Chinese detergent inside Majek Fashek's mouth and wash him inside a washing machine? Why is the Internet senator Ben Murray-Bruce desperate to shaking Buhari’s hand? Dr. Damages answers these questions, your emails and many other matters of the day.
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Added: Jun 08, 2016 at 09:16

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